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Anchor of the Day #911

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Today Emily discovered how to dissociate the atoms of her body and teleport anywhere within ten thousand parsecs. It’s a inaccurate, unsteady process, though, and unless you have some emotional attachment to your destination, it’s very difficult to reassemble yourself there. So in a diffuse, nebulous form, Emily wandered across a generous slice of universe, arriving back home with the aid of a belly bump from Kathlyn. You can see that Kathlyn herself was also dissolved slightly upon Emily’s return, but shortly after the two of them congealed properly and we all enjoyed a fine batch of cookies.

We’ve only gone through Monday but it still feels like this week is going to go by very quickly.

hungarian dance no. 5

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March 22, 2011 at 12:47 am

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Warmth of the Day #548

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This is [a photograph of] an actual infrared image of Reuben, Kathlyn, Emily and Lizzy, captured at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Reuben has stolen everyone else’s eyes, and without the warmth of vision, Emily’s and Kathlyn’s noses have gone cold. Lizzy’s nose has held its heat, but you can see a cold front moving in from the right – her nose will not be warm for long.

Emily’s hands are also quite cold here, so I must do my best to keep her warm until the sun rises again.

Behind Kathlyn is a mirror, made not of glass but of copper – the dark metal reflects infrared radiation perfectly, while plastic and glass would just absorb it.

The Exploratorium is a wonderful place, and it seems that I never have enough time to explore every nook of it during any single visit. All these spinning thinjgamajigs, little devices that model tornadoes and galaxies and tectonic plates, magnetic furs and echoing tunnels and rooms that pin your shadow to the wall – the place is full of little machines that celebrate the marvels of nature, and they’re so much fun.

I’ll have to make a few things like this myself someday. We can place them about the house, and visitors can come and be amazed while they wait for their tea.

There are so many people in the city, and the journey to and from the Exploratorium is wearing. The place is always an adventure, though, and a nap with Emily fixes any weak hearts. We’ll have to return sometime in the summer, and we’ll do our best to explore everything we missed today.

battle against the dragon tamer

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March 24, 2010 at 2:28 am

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Couple of the Day #547

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Emily’s Bellingham friends, Reuben and Kathlyn, have come to visit Berkeley as well; the last I’d seen Kathlyn was nearly a year ago, and I’ve never met Reuben, but they are both lovely people, and seem rather happy together. The four of us had a makeshift picnic in Emily’s backyard this afternoon – breads, homemade cheese, and lemonade thick enough to chew – and rested in the sun. Kathlyn strummed away at the harp Emily’s dad had made, and the little woven notes floated in the air alongside birdsong and distant sirens, which sound like a song from a proper distance, though I suppose they are meant as harbingers of disaster.

Any disaster sounds like a song when you’re far enough from it, no?

Our food devoured, Emily wandered into the nearby ivy tree, which presides over the blackberry bushes and lemon tree, populated with tiny black fruits. I climbed up after her, avoiding bird droppings along the way, and within a minute Kathlyn and Reuben followed us up as well.

The ivy tree is no Tree 9 – sitting in its branches, we couldn’t even see over the neighbor’s fence – so its bough was a little crowded, but we managed to fit nonetheless, and sat up there for some time, trying to figure out how to rest in it as lazily as possible. Anchored against one another, falling in several opposing directions, we managed to reach a comfortable sort of equilibrium.

I’d like to see a team of synchronized tree-nappers, who fall away from each other in just the perfect sequence, always about to topple over, but steady enough to fall asleep.

The four of us walked into town and met Laura and Kathlyn’s friend Alice. We shared a meal of naan and curry, and when everyone else went off to dance, Emily and I shared a frozen yogurt on the steps of the UC Berkeley gym, watching the spring sun set.

It has been a fairly quiet day, but somehow we are both very tired. Off to bed we go! Tomorrow will be grand.


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March 22, 2010 at 11:34 pm

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Dancers of the Day #263

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Two videos in a row! This is a rare thing.

Emily and I woke up today to find that Kathlyn, Danny and Laura were already up and baking cranberry scones, and after quickly changing out of our pajamas we ran to the dorm kitchen to join them.

All four of them are dancers, and will frequently break out into dance at the slightest inclination. Danny, especially, seems to dance all the time, to shared music or his own music or no music at all. When 99 Red Balloons was playing, he had a silly sort of choreography to go with the lyrics, standing tall as a soldier or opening his hand when the war machine “opens up one eager eye”.

Kathlyn drew in my Blue Book, and her work was brilliant.

Emily and I later went to Laura’s and made bunny macaroni and cheese, which went very well with the carrots.

This is Emily’s last night sleeping in the dorms. I guess it’s my last night here too, although I might end up going an actual quarter of Dorm Life once I start up at Santa Cruz.

It’s a fantastic thing to see friends suddenly break into dance while baking scones. It’s generally a rare sight, I think, yet here it could happen all the time.

The scones were delicious, by the way.

and I stumble on a daisy through concrete

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June 12, 2009 at 1:51 am

Standoff of the Day #258

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Nerf is an increasingly popular medium for battle in colleges, I think. We had a great set of battles in the anthropology building, spanning three floors, with around sixteen people.Emily and I didn’t have guns of our own, but someone brought several spares, so we were all heavily armed.

I took this shot after being shot down – hit in the nose from someone on the above floor. That’s my teammate in the red, Guy, armed with a sawed-off Nerf shotgun. It packs a punch. Coming up the stairs is one of the more experienced Nerf battlers, who managed to kill almost everyone on his own – and was then shot down by Emily – and at the top is the blur of another gunner, perhaps the one who shot me. Kathlyn, who was using her own homemade Nerf bow, is sitting dead on the stairs.

Emily is blowing bubbles!

People here are really nice. Very easy to make friends with.

Today’s post is a power of 2. Good number.


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June 7, 2009 at 3:22 am

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Dance of the Day #257

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There seems to be quite a lot of dancing going on here in Bellingham. There’s a wonderful sort of charm to seeing people just stand up and dance whenever they are feeling upbeat or are enjoying the music.

Emily and Kathlyn are dancing in the theater aisle as the credits roll after Up. It’s a great movie, and in some ways a bit more mature than other Pixar films in the ideas and themes it deals with. I never like to say too much about a movie, for fear of spoiling it, so I can’t say much of anything. It’s definitely worth seeing.


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June 6, 2009 at 12:46 am

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Face of the Day #223

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This is Kathlyn, one of the many students of Western Washington. She’s giving her mustache face during a conversation about mustaches, and the many ways to fake them – drawings, cutouts, professional false ‘staches. I’ve met her only once before, during Ceili, but she seems like a nice person. Emily and Laura seem to really like her.

I think I’ve become familiar with more people at Western Washington than I did at SF State. This is only my fourth visit here, remember. Either it’s just easier to get along with people when you’re introduced to them by friends, or the people here are more agreeable, or it’s just a lot harder to make friends in class than out.

I’ve liked pretty much everyone I’ve met here. I hope I have similar luck at Santa Cruz next year.

Emily is doing her daily drawing in her little black book. Her drawings are amazing, and so are the thoughts that accompany them.

By the way, Ben visited the kittens today, and has posted a photo and video in my absence.. Take a look! They’re adorable, as always.

catastrophe and the cure

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May 3, 2009 at 2:02 am

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