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Dancers of the Day #2106

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Dancers of the Day #2106

I napped a little too heavily this afternoon, and almost lost the day as a result. After a little groaning and dithering, I did manage to pull myself out to the park to catch the tail end of Alina’s dance picnic – once everyone was finished dancing. I’m glad I went.

Right now Alina is working at a bakery in San Francisco, making mug cozies and other adorable things, as well as working at a fellow neuroscience lab, doing much more work than she’s paid for. In a few months she’ll be starting as a PhD student at UCSC, doing her part to pin down some of the mysterious workings of the brain.

Laura, who is also very thoughtful and with whom I don’t speak often enough, is working as a tutor for Berkeley High’s Independent Study. She has a keen sense for social ecosystems and how people learn; I think she has a unique ability to spark insight in people, and with her efforts applied in the right place she could change a lot of lives for the better. Independent Study seems to have been a good start for her, but she’s looking to move forward as well; I hope she finds herself somewhere brilliant soon.

It seems like a lot of us are in this peculiar post-college phase now; we’ve dug out these tiny niches for ourselves, found work of some kind or another, but it’s still shallow at best. So many of us have decided, independently but almost simultaneously, that we need to plant ourselves somewhere more substantial, and so a second wave of searches has begun.

Things have been tenuous, but we’ll all be able to steady ourselves soon – I can feel it.

ice cubes in an ocean

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June 28, 2014 at 10:17 pm

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Fire of the Day #1763

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Fire of the Day #1763

Kate held a little potluck and bonfire with friends tonight. Though only Aaron, Laura and I could come, it was a lovely evening. Kate made, from scratch, a marvelous pizza featuring zucchini and tomato grown in her own garden, and the fire was built from wood scraps provided by a friend’s woodworking parents. At the edge of the starry fire pit is the night’s survivor, a fortunate piece of wood spared for its resemblance to a stargazing penguin. Several other planks and bits of kindling were reduced to smoke, including an ancient piece of broken fence that still contained tree sap. As the flames crept along its length, the sap melted, dripped, frothed and boiled – a curious and slightly gruesome remnant of life I’d never seen before in firewood.

Laura seems to lose her voice once a year, and so came to us tonight nearly silent. She couldn’t resist sharing her experiences teaching kids, and whispered stories of insight and drama over the fire.

Though we missed our other friends, the night went rather well; perhaps more can come along next time.

the embers smoke on the ground

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July 21, 2013 at 3:10 am

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Festivity of the Day #1631

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Festivity of the Day #1631

Rosie’s birthday party brought people together into a larger crew than I’ve seen in a while. We’re mellow people and it was a mellow affair, and we spent most of the time just eating snack foods and talking about things – music, education, notions of future dream jobs, cartwheels.

These are good people and it was nice to see them; it makes me wish we were as connected as we used to be.

no one else that knows me like you do

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March 11, 2013 at 2:35 am

Puzzle of the Day #1561

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Puzzle of the Day #1561

As Mackenzie and Laura pondered over the surprisingly difficult reassembly of a puzzle ring, we remarked on the amusing faces people make as they try to work something out. When I pointed the camera at Laura, she became aware of her face, which brought this smile into being. I tried the puzzle myself, spending several minutes idly flipping the four pieces through each other; when I tried to reason through it, arranging the rings deliberately, it seemed like there wasn’t any possible way to solve it.

But the point is in the journey, Mackenzie said, so it’s fine if we never reached our destination. That’s our given excuse, anyway.

I almost didn’t go to this New Year’s Eve-Eve Halloween party, as I’ve been drifting away from this circle and starting to feel a little out of place with them, but it was really nice to see people today. Laura made a page in the blue book, thoughtful as always, reflecting on her job as a tutor and how it gives her a new perspective on who we were in high school. I miss our conversations from early in high school, when we tried to figure out how people and the world worked – I don’t talk about those things much anymore.

plastic people

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December 31, 2012 at 3:52 am

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Jungle Gym of the Day #1161

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Brian and Laura made a perfect play structure for the kittens, stretching out their arms to build bridges from one set of shoulders to the other. They would lean forward or backward as necessary to keep the kittens from slipping off – a far more obliging jungle gym than what you find in most playgrounds.

It’s always good to see kittens make people happy – and vice versa.

I’ve seen very little of Laura the past few years, so I was glad to have her visit today, even if for just a little while. In high school we talked online quite a bit, and those conversations encouraged me to think and helped shape me into the person I am today. Without Laura I might have gone in a completely different direction with my life, so I’m thankful to have met her.

Laura and Brian have both graduated, and are knee deep in the vast waters of adulthood. They’re responsible, intelligent people, and I’m sure they’ll both be swimming strongly in time. I hope that I can join them soon.

the effervescent falls

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November 27, 2011 at 1:41 am

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Dancers of the Day #263

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Two videos in a row! This is a rare thing.

Emily and I woke up today to find that Kathlyn, Danny and Laura were already up and baking cranberry scones, and after quickly changing out of our pajamas we ran to the dorm kitchen to join them.

All four of them are dancers, and will frequently break out into dance at the slightest inclination. Danny, especially, seems to dance all the time, to shared music or his own music or no music at all. When 99 Red Balloons was playing, he had a silly sort of choreography to go with the lyrics, standing tall as a soldier or opening his hand when the war machine “opens up one eager eye”.

Kathlyn drew in my Blue Book, and her work was brilliant.

Emily and I later went to Laura’s and made bunny macaroni and cheese, which went very well with the carrots.

This is Emily’s last night sleeping in the dorms. I guess it’s my last night here too, although I might end up going an actual quarter of Dorm Life once I start up at Santa Cruz.

It’s a fantastic thing to see friends suddenly break into dance while baking scones. It’s generally a rare sight, I think, yet here it could happen all the time.

The scones were delicious, by the way.

and I stumble on a daisy through concrete

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June 12, 2009 at 1:51 am

Picnic of the Day #224

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From left to right: Emily, Laura, Danny. Emily is working on her story, Laura is reading about women’s labor unions, and Danny is studying film editing. I had The Left Hand of Darkness with me, but I read Emily’s story instead.

Today was quiet and simple, and I was happy to see people and sit out in Laura’s yard with them. It feels a bit like back in high school, when we’d sit out at the park and eat lunch together, or meet by the Molecule and play Zombies. It’s fun, even if we’re just sitting around silently – it makes the day a great deal less lonely.

I’ll visit at least one more time later in May, and I’ll have another chance to see these people, and get a little hint of what college life might be like next year.

your feeling shoulders

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May 3, 2009 at 11:25 pm

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