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Jam of the Day #1253

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I’m very fortunate to have lived with musically inclined people. I went along with Pearce to a jam session at Liam’s house, and for two hours I said barely a word and did nothing but take photos and sit and listen. It was lovely, and it occurred to me that most people – especially people who don’t themselves play an instrument – don’t get to live with so much music, or to sit in on such natural performances. Music is collaborative like nothing else, like conversation where everyone can speak meaningfully at the same time, and it’s fantastic to be here for it. I’m glad to be part of this world, if only as a distant satellite.

Liam and Pearce did a sort of call-and-response thing with kazoo and piano. I’ve never heard those two instruments together before.


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February 27, 2012 at 1:16 am

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Trance of the Day #1174

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A late-night jam session at Liam’s house left me surrounded by musicians lost in their song. They sink so deep into the music, with closed or distant eyes and solemn expressions, letting their muscles follow along with the rhythm without letting another thought break in. As soon as each song ended, everyone would break out in smiles and cheer – a sudden drastic change from their demeanor just seconds before.

Music really does tune in to some innate property of our minds, it seems, and carries people away so easily when they play. There’s no better way for people – even strangers – to make a direct connection.

I plinked at Emily’s cello a little bit while everyone played, but my mind and muscles aren’t used to building music, and I couldn’t really contribute meaningfully. It’s always beautiful to listen, though.

battle’s end

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December 10, 2011 at 2:08 am

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Jam of the Day #1140

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Pearce collected together a few of his friends to while away the evening tonight. That’s Liam playing guitar on the left, Eileen sitting next to Emily (who was drawing Napoleon riding a triceratops) and and Dylan’s hand playing the guitar on the right. Hidden away is Tara, who completed the crew for the evening.

I have midterms approaching and so I spent most of my time there behind my neuroscience book, but Emily took to the new faces very well, talking at length about music and video games and whatever else came up. The songs that Pearce, Liam and Dyland weaved in the moment were lovely, and just framed the night so well. I had to take a photo to remember the scene, so warm and friendly.

I wish I’d joined in the conversation more now, but I am always more of a listener and the late hour was wearing on me. I fell asleep while everyone else went off to roll pumpkins down a hill, and was too bleary afterwards to give people a proper good-night.

This was nice, though, especially after our own home being so empty lately. I’d like to see these people again.

but where were you when it all came down

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November 6, 2011 at 1:35 am

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Honey of the Day #1098

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Pearce and Liam are both people who get genuinely excited about things, so it’s good to see them play music together. This is Apple Honey, a jazz piece by Woody Herman. This is a bit different from the sort of music I’m used to hearing from Pearce – he likes to improvise and bounce, to play music that would smirk if it had a face. This is more mellow, more restrained, a softer song like… apples and honey, I suppose. It’s only occurred to me this moment that it’s a well-named song.

This was performed at Open Mic Night, where the acts ranged from the sweet and talented to nearly painfully awkward, though everyone who stood up to speak demonstrated serious guts. I would be physically incapable of performing like that, in much the same way that I would be unable to walk through a concrete wall.

Living with Pearce again means our house is heavy with music. We’ll be hearing some brilliant, pieces, to be sure.

That’s a frog Liam is playing at the beginning, by the way. I’ve never seen an amphibian drummed with so much soul.

what melody will see

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September 25, 2011 at 3:31 am

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