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Heroes of the Day #1616

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Heroes of the Day #1616

Adventure and heroism, whether in dreams or games or reality, are all the better when the Herculean tasks required are carried out as a team.

Though the story in this game is silly and unclear the idea is an interesting one: a dreamer is suffering from nightmares, and his dream world is coming apart. We were the creatures he’d dreamed up, and it was our duty to restore him to sound mind.

I am tired my head is still cloudy from this little war within, so that is all for now – but it’s been a good night.

lum races

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February 24, 2013 at 3:04 am

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Shrapnel of the Day #1610

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Shrapnel of the Day #1610

Megan gave Jacob and me a ride back from Lee’s tonight after an extended bout of romping through digital dreamscapes – musical deserts and arctic desserts and lots of slapstick sound effects. For most of the drive I sat silently, my head full of hopping sprites, while Jacob and Megan talked about TV. Their conversation was broken mid-sentence by a dull crash from the back of the car: Megan’s rear side window had exploded. She stopped the car and cold air drifted in through the open hole, and it took a few moments for us to get our bearings enough to investigate what had happened.

Jacob suggested it was a spontaneous break – some pressure anomaly imposed on the glass by the opening mechanism or some other force. Half of the window was inside the car and half on the pavement, so it seemed unlikely that something had flown through the window. On the street, though, in a small field of glittering black glass, was a hefty stone, smooth and flat, ideal for skipping if you could put enough strength behind it. It seemed someone had, with mischievous or malicious intent, thrown the thing at Megan’s car, then vanished without a trace.

The stone seemed too close to the shrapnel to be a coincidence, but eventually Megan and Jacob seemed to decide that the break was spontaneous after all. It’s better, perhaps, to attribute the incident to happenstance than to feel some ill will toward a faceless stranger.

No one was hurt, and the window can be replaced, but in the moment these things can be a little unsettling.


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February 18, 2013 at 4:35 am

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Tradition of the Day #1546

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Tradition of the Day #1546

Jacob’s family held a party for the close of Hanukkah, and we were invited to enjoy the festivities and food. Jacob’s dad, the original Latke Lad, is the one lighting the menorah; Kendra and I took part of his role in the tradition, helping to cook some of the 300 latkes prepared for the evening. They were all finished before the night was done – a feat I didn’t think possible.

These traditions are always a little different in each household – the same songs sung differently, the same food cooked with different recipes, the same motions with candles made different ways. It’s a lovely thing when so many people echo the same ideas, and lovely when they each make it resonate in a new way.

bury me with it

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December 16, 2012 at 2:09 am

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Lobotomy of the Day #1500

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Here’s another round at traditional group surgery, sawing open our pumpkins’ skulls and removing the brains to make room for tomorrow’s ghosts. Jacob, Dan and I carved out relatively traditional faces to haunt the streets, while Megan created Pac-man and ghost for the pixel-savvy spirits.

I like to go with meek little pumpkins rather than the titans my fellow surgeons chose, and went in through the back of the head rather than through the skull-cap. I was reminded of Jonathan Strange’s studies: when he distilled and ingested the essence of madness, he saw candles burning in the back of everyone’s head, and it was a constant fear that these candles would go out. My pumpkin turned out a bit bewildered and frightened, and his mind is open to the world. Soon enough his flame will burn down, but I look forward to the glow in the meantime.

candy corn colonels

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October 31, 2012 at 1:53 am

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Fog of the Day #1468

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On Anton’s Berkeley bucket list was a hike clear through the hills, from downtown to Orinda. The day started white and chilled, and the hills ahead loomed ominous in the fog. We couldn’t have picked a better day for the journey.

After clearing the last of the Berkeley homes, we reached the fire trail and could see curled fog rolling just over our heads, moving along with us as we climbed the steep slopes. The bay disappeared behind us, the city gone save for the endless sound of construction below.

At the peak of the first hill, past a shortcut marked with trees fallen into diamonds, the slopes dropped away into an infinite white expanse, and we could stand at the edge of the world. In the valley below, wisps of clouds flowed from every direction, colliding at points and falling together in pillars of white.

When we reached the highest point of our journey, the blue sky was faintly visible above, as if the overcast fabric were stretched thin. Here the clouds coalesced on needled trees, falling almost as rain in the little patch of forest. A woman with perhaps a dozen dogs passed us and gave directions to Orinda, surprised that we were walking so far.

From this point forward the sky started to clear, and I thought the morning fog, having slept in quite late, was finally burning off. We walked along the road and could see thick white clouds trying to pour over into the valley, held off by trees and hills.

The sun was bright when we finally reached Orinda, and there was a moment of surprise when our train back home emerged from the tunnel into an overcast world. Only then did I realize that we had climbed a mountain that the clouds could not.

Throughout the hike I was amazed at the color of the landscape’s garments, the mottled greens of countless species of plants that made the hills look as though they were painted. I wanted to be a sparrow and dive just above them, soaking in the view and the mist.

Anton was really happy with the hike. I’m glad he’s making the most of his last days on the west coast – you sometimes need to lose something to remember how much it means to you.

still I never meant to go away

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September 29, 2012 at 2:11 am

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Send-off of the Day #1465

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Anton is moving to Boston next week, so Megan wanted to collect a few people together at the Albatross tonight to give him a proper goodbye. We ate infinite popcorn and played cards and darts, and the others enjoyed various drinks while I was sated with water.

Freya, at the top, was a good friend between middle and high school, and since then has appeared in my life intermittently. It’s good to see these people again, if only for a moment.

Hopefully Anton will find good experiences in Boston. It’s hard to see him go – my social circle here is tiny as it is, and I’m going to miss him very much.

Come on, life, get your engine running…

gravity falls

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September 26, 2012 at 3:21 am

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Nuzzle of the Day #632

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From left to right, we have Megan in the mirror, working diligently to prepare hot cocoa for the rest of us, long-haired David peering at the camera, and Mackenzie and Kate sharing warm fuzzies at center. Hugs like these are a specialty of friends here – they seem like dreaming sprites, nestled together inside a sun-warmed rosebud.

Kate likes to invite friends over, offer them unusual treats (caramelized bacon and baconized caramel for the meat-eaters) and watch movies I’ve never heard of. It’s fun, and it’s nice to see people, but I feel I should have talked more. We have all been scattered across the country for the past nine months, so we must have some stories to share. It is a little difficult to tell them during a movie, though.

Next time! And there certainly will be a next time – we have the whole summer ahead of us.

Emily has fallen asleep behind me and she is adorable.

black adder

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June 16, 2010 at 1:11 am

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