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Frame of the Day #1565

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Frame of the Day #1565

Everyone I saw tonight is someone I see too rarely, so I make these awkward efforts to capture everyone in the frame – I hate to leave anyone behind. Even here some didn’t make it in: Emily was off to the side, buried in another book, and Faye didn’t arrive until after others had left. Our lives don’t all quite overlap, and they can get achingly close without actually intersecting.

So we take this rare night to trade stories, argue about books, eat too many sweets, read together and play games, and then many of us scatter to return only months later. Little needle-thin points of light in a black sky.

The same star will appear a part of several different constellations depending on your vantage point, won’t it?

sometimes, I still need you

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January 4, 2013 at 3:05 am

Page of the Day #1434

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I’ve been making an effort to photograph each page as it’s being created, or at least each contributor with the blue book. I love how people look when they’re hunched over a notebook, tracing out thoughts in their head or searching for inspiration. Milena made her page rather quickly, filling it with a bunny whose expression is somewhat difficult to describe – a bit timid, a bit frightened, a bit confused and bewildered. That, Milena wrote, was how she usually felt, but she hoped to one day feel more like the confident little bug-man in the corner.

It seems that every one of my friends is going through some difficulties right now, searching for work, struggling with romantic strife, or facing medical insults – or even all three. These are tumultuous times here, as we try to find our wings in the real world, and I hate to see so many friends unhappy.

But we’ll do it. We’ll clear this turbulence, and we are going to live a good life. This is not up for debate.

live through this, and you won’t look back

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August 26, 2012 at 2:53 am

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Jam of the Day #1078

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Emily has a new robot cello (which I’ve managed to avoid photographing directly so far, so its neck will have to do for now), and she spent a fair length of this evening weaving thunderstorms with Milena and Mark. It’s amazing how much energy the air holds when they really start playing together.

This is Mark’s house, another beautiful home I’ve never met before. Recently I’ve found myself in a lot of houses like it, and while they’re all lovely places, with dark wood furniture and comfortable sofas and huge windows or vaulted ceilings, a lot of them felt a bit off to me. I think it’s because, when I’m in someone’s home, I try to get a feel for what they’re like by how they’ve furnished the place. This house, or at least the two rooms I saw of it, are very impersonal, though – almost furnished like a hotel room, designed noncommittally, to avoid offending anyone. Emily’s house is bikes and dactyls and music, heavy with books; the walls of my mom’s apartment are covered with photos she’s taken; quotes and little cute decorations are everywhere in my dad’s apartment; the Santa Cruz house is just brimming with art and words and other decorations provided by everyone.

If you look in the living room of our house in Santa Cruz, you’ll see an untuned piano, three video game systems, photos and drawings and paintings made by the residents, and books that people have left out in hopes that visitors will thumb through them. In short, you can tell what we like just by looking around. Looking at Mark’s living room, I have absolutely no idea what his parents are like.

I probably shouldn’t wait to write until parts of my brain have shut down for the evening. It makes it rather difficult to explain ideas clearly. Being very tired is kind of fascinating, though, the way I try to bite down on certain sounds as if they were bars of lemon spray, watching myself try to make sense of things through a deep fog.

Even when I can barely walk, part of me is still observing. I’m glad to have that part, I think.

more game of thrones, apparently

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September 5, 2011 at 3:54 am

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Huddle of the Day #358

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Emily, her mother and Milena (and myself) crowded into Mackenzie’s room, currently converted into the Kitten Corner. Kittenviewing is a requisite for any visit to the Dactyl household, and guests will often spend most of their time on the bed bordering the kitten pen, enjoying light conversation in the summer sun. As the day stretches on, people might stretch across the bed and, welcoming the kittens, become to them what the blue whale at the Lawrence Hall of Science is to school children.

If you have never had the opportunity to become acquainted with a little of kittens, you certainly should take pains to find one – preferably kittens no more than two weeks old, so you can watch them grow and learn, transform from slugs into cars (as Emily puts it) and marvel at the tiny lives you can hold in your hand. It is something everyone should experience – a mandatory lesson in life, to understand scale and potential and adorability.

eyeballs and piano and beautiful place

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September 15, 2009 at 12:21 am