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Party of the Day #972

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Kelly (back and center) turns 22 in the middle of July, and by then everyone will have dispersed across the country, so she very wisely held a party for it tonight instead. It was a fantastic celebration, with gorgeous food and delicious music and a bonfire that could have sung me to sleep, and I’m glad Kelly chose to celebrate before the year ended. Here’s a large portion of the party posing in front of the very professional photo booth that Kelly’s friend Alex set up – note the silver umbrella looming in the corner. This photo is a bit less carefully taken, and as a result everyone in it has developed the ability to fire lasers from their eyes.

Rob came to perform for everyone, and Emily added her cello’s depth to a few songs, then Muriel and another friend came on to sing a few covers for Kelly. We were all sitting out on the lawn in the backyard, lit by christmas lights and the bonfire, and it was such a wonderful atmosphere, built by hard work from good people. I wish I could have done more to make the party go well, but it was successful nonetheless. At least I managed to bake some cookies for it.

Kelly has a lot of really amazing friends, and I wish that I’d gotten to know them better. Perhaps the opportunity is not entirely lost.

now let me at the truth which will refresh my broken mind

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May 22, 2011 at 2:45 am

Feast of the Day #790

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Thanksgiving is next Thursday, but since we’ll all be going home to see our families, we had to have some sort of celebration this weekend with the families we’re developing at school. Several times throughout the day, the sky positively exploded, sending rivers flowing along the street curbs and pelting our garden with pea-sized hail. As it grew dark and lightning blazed through our windows, we were worried that our friends might not come for the feast, trapped inside by the weather, but within the span of just a few minutes our house was packed with people, all chattering and laughing and shuffling through the kitchen, wondering if it was okay to eat yet.

Crowds are a little difficult for me, but these are all wonderful people, and after we got our bearings and settled down with lasagna, stuffing, soup, mashed potatoes, veggies and an endless supply of sweets, we were all very comfortable and happy, and the party got on well. Even Ben here, who knew no one and initially sat all on his lonesome, ate some good things and had fun once we got the games out. Several people complimented the lasagna, which Emily  made, and the soup, which I made (Mom’s recipe), which made us both rather happy.

I’ve been to Thanksgiving parties plenty of times before, but they’ve almost always been with distant relatives I knew nothing about, and I’d always end up wandering around aimlessly. After tonight, with a house full of friends, I think I can see the appeal of those feasts a little more.

The wind is whistling outside, trying to work its way in through the crack under the door, but we’ll all be warm and safe under the covers. It’s been a good night.

but you don’t have a clue

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November 21, 2010 at 3:25 am

Party of the Day #762

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I love you I love you I love you I love you so much you are wonderfulSomething a little unusual  today. This is the first Photo of the Day ever taken with a cell phone camera – and I had my handy Canon right next to me! My phone, though, has a panorama feature which my camera lacks, and there was no other way to capture everyone at once. Even this photo is incomplete – Emily was hidden just below the camera, Anna is hidden behind Anders there on the left, and a few other guests are curtailed or missing entirely. Click the picture for a slightly bigger version, because these proportions don’t agree with WordPress very well.

We live in a very social house, it seems, and for the second weekend in a row we’ve held a party brimming with people. Look at them – they are friendly, charming folks, and I’m glad to see each of them when they come by, but there are so many! When they were first arriving, Kelly and Alyssa were providing most of the conversation; gradually, the party split into several factions, each talking about something different, and when their words all collide and twist in the air I feel very much like I am just wading in tumultuous waves of sound. I think I would rather have just a few guests at a time, because I haven’t been able to make friends with many of these people, really; I see them mostly at parties, when I tend to slip away beneath the conversations, where the current is slower and gentler.

I wonder what they’re all doing now. I hope they had a good day.

I don’t want to go

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October 24, 2010 at 2:50 am

Lark of the Day #537

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Kelly and Derrick are both disappearing at the end of next week. Derrick is moving to Davis, and Kelly is flying off to Washington DC for a quarter, so they held a goodbye party tonight – their last opportunity for such a gathering before we are all engulfed by the wave of final exams. That’s Anna on the right and Kelly in the middle, rather in hysterics – the blurred hands in front of her are Muriel’s, though they tried to pass themselves off as appendages familiar to Kelly’s shoulders.

I’m surprised that Muriel didn’t show up in this photo at all – she must have phased into Kelly’s body for a moment, leaving just her arms floating in the air.

Derrick and Madeline started this game, actually, and I’m sorry that I don’t have a photo of them as well. This is a farewell to Derrick as well as Kelly, and a thanks to them both for these amusing antics this evening.

As of late I have had quite a lot of trouble going to sleep before three o’clock, so I think I should call it a night now.

To sleep, and to further dreams of laughter and friends~

1969 in the sunshine

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March 13, 2010 at 2:39 am

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Chomp of the Day #488

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This is Muriel at Kelly’s potluck, about to engulf the veggie lasagna that Anna and I made. Although Muriel didn’t cook anything herself, she more than made up for it with her sheer enthusiasm for the food that everyone else prepared, roaring like a long-lost mesozoic predator at every salad, potato and pastry in the kitchen. She has a signature way of making one feel appreciated, you could say.

While it’s certainly good to make food for myself, I kind of prefer making it for other people – tasting the food vicariously is almost better, since usually it’s the first bite that tastes the best, before your tongue acclimates to the flavor. That’s my excuse, anyway. If I offer to share something, don’t worry about being polite – I want you to have it!

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

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January 23, 2010 at 2:39 am

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Carol of the Day #439

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The gregarious Alyssa lead a troupe of jolly singers around the campus tonight, spreading the magic of holiday cheer wherever it was welcome. Our first stop was at Tacos Morenos, where we marched in and waxed melodic about a certain reindeer, and from there we took a circuit around the dorms, filing through halls and singing outside windows and balconies. I think our best reception was in this little square – a few people came out onto their balcony and cheered us on, requesting an encore (which we had planned on anyway) and somberly declining our invitation to come sing with us.

There is something about caroling that makes it very difficult to join spontaneously, even though the nature of caroling kind of lends it to spontaneous invitations. It took me about fifteen minutes to decide that I did in fact want to go along, and while I’m sure that many of the people we met would have enjoyed singing with us, they simple could not agree to such an emotional investment on the spur of the moment. You have to psych yourself up for it, I suppose.

There is a verse to Jingle Bells which I had never heard before. It ranks alongside the mysterious secret lyrics to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Here is the second verse, sung to the tune of the dashing through the snow bit:

A day or two ago
I thought I’d take a ride
And soon Miss Fanny Bright
Was seated by my side
The horse was lean and lank
Misfortune seemed his lot
We got into a drifted bank
And then we got upsot

The forced rhyme at the end is rather surprising, considering how easily the rest of the song flows.

These songs are starting to drill into my mind, planting firmly the Christmas spirit. The air here lacks the smell of Christmas, but it’s still starting to feel like it…

gone away is the bluebird

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December 5, 2009 at 2:35 am

Huddle of the Day #426

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From top left to bottom right: Muriel, Anna, Derrick and Alli, in a cozy pile after a delicious pre-Thanksgiving dinner. The room was perhaps a little dim, but it was warm and cozy, and smelled of the holidays. We each contributed a tasty homemade something to the feast, and it turned out perfected. I managed to create some reasonable imitations of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies and vegetable soup, which was palatable even though I completely forgot the lentils. The other dishes were delicious as well: candied yams made with maple syrup; the requisite mashed potatoes, improved with the addition of garlic; green bean casserole with crunchy little somethings on top; biscuits, salads, stuffing and pies; and homemade apple cider. I think several of us brought foods that our parents make, which makes me feel like, as we grow up, we carry on the traditions with which we are raised, and are weaving all of these traditions into a new sort of culinary tapestry. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I am definitely looking forward to doing similar things with friends from home when I get the chance.

People are ephemeral, and infinitesimal in the grand scheme of the universe, and when they blur together in mobs or countries or cliques they all appear the same, but each one is absolutely beautiful. I think it’s absolutely amazing that, after making friends at home and talking with them for hours on end, I can meet new people here and have new conversations with them, and find that they are every bit as interesting and that I can agree with them on so many things. I feel as though I could speak with every person on Earth and be fascinated each time by the vast labyrinths of thoughts and desires each one holds.

Anna spotted four shooting stars that I missed entirely.


brothers on a hotel bed

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November 22, 2009 at 4:09 am

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