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Evening of the Day #2394

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Evening of the Day #2394

While cleaning my room a few weeks ago, I found some of Emily’s old things, some of which were rather important, buried away in the boxes in my closet. It’s more persistent than pine needles from Christmas – I’ll keep finding pieces from when Emily and I lived together forever.

So I visited Emily and Myles today to drop off her things. Their home is taking form now, with three bookshelves densely packed and all sorts of zoological curiosities framed on the walls. They introduced me to their cat Lucy, who has a renegade claw that has grown so long that it’s coiled back on itself into a massive wheel. I imagine it contains some hidden power source – a tightly wound spring, perhaps, that keeps Lucy ticking throughout the day.

Emily and I made quesadilla sandwiches while Myles caught up on some work. We managed to keep him sufficiently distracted throughout the evening, since he really oughtn’t spend all of Sunday typing away by himself.

I keep meeting up with friends, hoping to really catch up with them – to ask “how’s your life going?”, and really learn what it’s like to be them, to know if they’re happy and whether their dreams are unfolding properly, to hear what kinds of thoughts have been following them day to day. I had this in mind today with Esther, Laurel, Emily and Myles, and would have wanted to ask Jordan the same if she had collected her things instead of her dad.

But, of course, you can’t just toggle on a deeply personal conversation with everyone you meet. It’s well and good to just talk a little nonsense with friends, too.

I walked home sleepy, but I’d really like to see these two more.


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April 13, 2015 at 12:15 am

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Hours of the Day #1959

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Waking of the Hour #1 (9am)

Hour 1

Good morning! Hourly comid day has come again, and I am free today to capture a moment each hour.

I’m writing this under the blankets, still, but today will be a good day.

choo choo choo-doo

Snooze of the Hour #2 (10am)

Hour 2

Wrapped up in bed, soft and warm, it can be hard to find motivation to step out into the cold. It seems like a lot of life is just trying to reach a point where you can curl up with someone and be happy and calm – why break that feeling when you finally get there?

But there are friends to see and delicious things to eat, so waking is worth it – after a long snooze in bed.

katamari damacy

Breakfast of the Hour #3 (11am)

Hour 3

More friends are coming than expected, so our official breakfast was deferred until later. Until then, we have toast followed by ice cream and chocolate Joe-Joe’s.

(I’ve always liked ice cream but Laurel has perhaps encouraged me to enjoy it more)

And the Internet is here to supplement any meal – autotuned rants or adorable animals, take your pick.

millions and millions of specks

Comics of the Hour #4 (12pm)

Hour 4

Mitch, Kendra and Hannah have joined us! Mitch and Kendra will be comicking our day as well. While they caught up on the morning, Laurel and I rolled up innocent bystanders to transmute them into stars.

The next few hours will be recorded from several different perspectives – it’ll be interesting to see how different the same events might be to each of us.

Hannah’s busy with an essay of sorts, so no comics from her today. She’d do brilliant work as well, to be sure.

angel flavor’s present

Outing of the Hour #5 (1pm)

Hour 5

A quick trek out for snacks and drinks, and back for a proper meal.

Kendra can reach the ceiling here with ease; Laurel used her Nerds Rope stick to do the same, though she recently grew a half inch taller.

We’re all especially conscious of time passing because of these hourly pieces – it makes it feel like the day is passing faster, though we’ll have more to remember from it.

Time to make spaghetti for everyone!

white gold’s properties

Shot of the Hour #6 (2pm)

Hour 6

Tensions grew hot while the pasta boiled, and soon Kendra and Mitch were locked in combat. Kendra was the decided winner, as you can see, but MItch’s injuries weren’t fatal. With food in our bellies, we’ve returned to a civilized society.

nintendo land

View of the Hour #7 (3pm)

Hour 7

While Pearce sets up the slackline and Kendra masterfully collects four-leaf clovers, Mitch climbs into the higher reaches of our anchor tree to get a view of Ohlone.

The air here is chilling my hands, but Laurel’s are still warm.

still the plaza

Spring of the Hour #8 (4pm)

Hour 8

Kendra took to the slackline quite naturally, and Mitch continued his own training with it; Pearce echoed Mitch’s climb into the anchor tree; Laurel built a tiny hut out of sticks and bark; Hannah read Jack Kerouac and, at end, Mitch caught a koosh in his mouth.

poppa zit’s pizza

Catchup of the Hour #9 (5pm)

Hour 9

Mitch and Kendra left behind their notebooks while we went out, so they’re catching up on the last couple hours. Things we winding down here a little, perhaps, but the day’s not over by far.

aboard the drake

Face of the Hour #10 (6pm)

Hour 10

Here Pearce demonstrates his face of fury, powered by frozen mango, as we take down a patchwork Ganon in Nintendo. Frozen fruit has been a staple of Pearce’s strength for a long time – blueberries in particular – and he shared some with each of us as we sat here crowded in the living room.

radioactive, radioactive

Marksman of the Hour #11 (7pm)

Hour 11

Mitch asked us to name elements on our periodic table, then tested his marksmanship by pinning each one with a Nerf dart. Tungsten (wolfram), rutherfordium, iodine – no element is safe from Mitch’s shot.

And so our party departs! Time to shift gears.

don’t worry, do your best

Cast of the Hour #12 (8pm)

Hour 12

Cast change! Here are some old Berkeley friends, and their friends in turn.

mario chase

Shift of the Hour #13 (9pm)

Hour 13

And another change in cast, as we shift from video to board game. Teaching people to play games can be so frenetic sometimes – but it’s nice to see all these people again.

clashing rules

School of the Hour #14 (10pm)

Hour 14

We’re quickly driving these fish to extinction as we build our empires. If there’s anything we can learn from Seven Wonders, it’s that developing a nation can have drastic effects on natural resources.


Dash of the Hour #15 (11pm)

Hour 15

On to Faye’s German game Ligratto, a speedy sort of deal that plays just like Nerts, which was always a favorite of Anna’s.

Tristan and Faye seem made for each other in a sense – at our group picnics they were always the ones doing spectacular things, ridingn unicycles and juggling. It’s nice to see them together.

bananagram click

Telephone of the Hour #16 (12am)

Hour 16

This last hour we practiced the art of miscommunication in Broken Picture Telephone. Myles made the story more philosophical; I’m rather proud of my ghost walrus doodles.

I’m getting a floaty sort of weariness, so I better head home.

the humans are dead

Ride of the Hour #17 (1am)

Hour 17

The ride up to Rosie’s is a hard trek (though easier than it used to be), but downhill is such fun – the street is smooth and curves gently, and it feels like flowing down a gentle river or gliding in a dream. The lampposts here have a more classical design, and on nights when the fog is heavy everything has a lovely ambience to it.


Hours of the Hour #18 (2am)

Hour 18

I carried this notebook with me as I went about my day, scrawling each hour’s narrative whenever I didn’t have a keyboard handy. Some of the ink is smeared and hurried, and all these mistakes are soaked into the paper permanently. This last hour was for transcribing and preparing this post, and now the whole day is just about set.

The hope with hourly comic day is to capture a snapshot of your life, but today has been particularly busy – so many people appearing throughout the hours. In the other room several of Brittany’s friends are staying for the evening, but I didn’t ask to include them in this last hour – they’ve probably had busy days as well.

Today felt very different from my last hourly day two years ago, though both were lovely in different sorts of ways. Pearce is the only recurring role between the two; I wonder who will still be here next year.

the darkness of your heart

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February 2, 2014 at 2:59 am

Claus of the Day #1692

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Claus of the Day #1692

This is at least the third documented case of Quelf turning us into fools. Each time has been with different friends in a different setting; the power of the game is all-encompassing. Here Myles was imbued with the wish-granting powers of Saint Nicholas, and everyone was free to transform into a child and declare what they most wanted for Christmas. The silliness is embraced with gusto, and by the whims of the cards we all became creatures a little different from our common selves.

But, no matter the penalty, you still can’t make me yodel.

there are two colors in my head

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May 11, 2013 at 2:53 am

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Festivity of the Day #1631

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Festivity of the Day #1631

Rosie’s birthday party brought people together into a larger crew than I’ve seen in a while. We’re mellow people and it was a mellow affair, and we spent most of the time just eating snack foods and talking about things – music, education, notions of future dream jobs, cartwheels.

These are good people and it was nice to see them; it makes me wish we were as connected as we used to be.

no one else that knows me like you do

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March 11, 2013 at 2:35 am

Science of the Day #1601

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Science of the Day #1601

Conversation about travel led to Jupiter’s moons, which led to a discussion about why the Greeks and Romans used different names for the same gods, which continued on to talks about the evolution of language. Earlier in the day, I talked online with Anton, who explained how the black plague indirectly brought about the industrial revolution.

Social sciences are broad and convoluted, and don’t have the benefit of relative certainty that you find in physics or biology. It’s such a wonderful thing, though, when you can look at the lives people carved out many centuries ago and understand how their actions, and the cultural forces influencing them, led to the world we have today. It gives you an appreciation for the depth of time, makes past generations feel more real and relatable, gives you the sensation of living on a planet with layers upon layers of deeply intricate machinery.

There are moments when it feels like you can make friends with people a thousand years gone.

I have friends who love to study the world like this, and it’s because of them that I’ve grown to appreciate history. In turn, I suppose, I should try to share the wonder of cognitive neuroscience and microtubule-based processing.

don’t nobody know my troubles but god

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February 9, 2013 at 2:23 am

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Frame of the Day #1565

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Frame of the Day #1565

Everyone I saw tonight is someone I see too rarely, so I make these awkward efforts to capture everyone in the frame – I hate to leave anyone behind. Even here some didn’t make it in: Emily was off to the side, buried in another book, and Faye didn’t arrive until after others had left. Our lives don’t all quite overlap, and they can get achingly close without actually intersecting.

So we take this rare night to trade stories, argue about books, eat too many sweets, read together and play games, and then many of us scatter to return only months later. Little needle-thin points of light in a black sky.

The same star will appear a part of several different constellations depending on your vantage point, won’t it?

sometimes, I still need you

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January 4, 2013 at 3:05 am

Circle of the Day #1422

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My new camera’s lens is not yet fettered by an accumulation of dust, so it captured this world-ending wall of light without the blear I’ve been so begrudgingly accustomed to lately.

Myles there is whispering some strange magical phrase to Lizzy, who passed it along the circle until it reached Alina; the result was something incomprehensible, but so was the source, so I suppose it’s to be expected. The game of Telephone, I think, works better through narration and illustration than through whispers.

I love to see how ideas and images transform as they’re filtered through language and images and each person’s mind. You get a sense of the strength of certain images – Max of the Wild Things seems to thrive in Picture Telephone – and an interesting perspective of the people who play, as they interpret and impress their personalities on the drawings and descriptions.

All these books I make, all these projects I do, taking these photos, asking for memories or drawings, is an attempt at capturing some aspect of the people I meet. You can put so much of yourself into a page without even trying.

I keep getting new ideas for collective project-books, but I have so many to work on already. Let’s hope tonight for a few wisps of inspiration that I can use on my own.

our December sun is setting

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August 14, 2012 at 2:53 am

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