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Soldiers of the Day #2553

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Soldiers of the Day #2553

Emily arranged another Nerf war today – the first in a very long time, and a sort of triumphant return to shenanigans at the Molecule. Mitch and Clara, both of whom I haven’t seen enough lately, were there; and Mack and Ralph, neither of whom I’ve seen in a long time, made it out as well. Emily herself was off gathering snacks for us when I took this photo, and when she returned we had a long overdue feast there under the molecule: cheese and gouda, dried apples, peanut butter cups, olive oil popcorn, hard cider.

We started with a vague notion to just shoot each other and try not to be shot, and eventually organized a sort of tower-siege game. It turns out that the Molecule is rather difficult to defend, but all the attackers still suffered a number of dramatic deaths before stealing away the defenders’ doomsday device.

Afterwards Laurel and I had nearly everyone over for dinner and games – our first party at this apartment. We had to shuffle around the furniture to seat everyone together, but the makeshift arrangement worked well enough.

It’s so nice to see all these friends again – I feel like I’ve replenished some essential vitamin I’ve been missing for a long time.

I just wanted to be near you

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September 19, 2015 at 12:55 am

Battle of the Day #648

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After Jacob lead our crew on a mission to capture a creature of flame inside a bottle, Anton discovered a bubble wand and started to cast them across the table. Ralph, ready with sword in hand, struck at each and every bubble, shattering them all before they could cause any serious damage.

Jacob talked me into trying Dungeons and Dragons a little bit, and so far it’s been fun. Like Fluxx, it’s largely just  a platform upon which we build conversations about other things – it’s rare to go more than a few minutes without careening off on a tangent about classmates or Spider-Man or whatever else is going on in our lives. This is time with friends; this is what summer vacation is for.

Ideally, Dungeons and Dragons is about creating a story in which your friends take an active role. It’s storytelling guided by rulebooks and dice, and there’s a lot of potential for really interesting things to come out these little missions.

I wonder if, somehow, we could combine all the games we’ve played together into one grand, overarching tale. If the pieces were put together elegantly, it would make a brilliant story.

or would I smile and watch it slowly fall?

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July 2, 2010 at 3:54 am

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Tumble of the Day #644

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Clockwise, from 12 o’clock: Hizook, Amie, Dylancoyle, r2witco, Adriansir, Bustour, Blacklegend, Thedracula, Shlabam and Ralphio.

These 10 people, aside from Amie, all run blogs on a website called Tumblr (I have one too), and they all dared to come to Berkeley today to meet other People From the Internet. I am not very well embedded in the Tumblr community, but some of my friends are, so I went to the meetup as well, to see what these other Internet People were like and to better understand online communities. There was once a stigma about meeting strangers in person when you’ve only known them online, but this seems to be wearing away, which is a wonderful things. I love that we can reach across the breadth of the world and meet like-minded people, and that we can connect to distant people and form real friendships, that we can grow close to people after knowing them only as bodies of text floating in the great Global Consciousness.

To meet these people in the real world, and on warm grass beneath the dappled shade of a familiar tree, makes it even better.

Aside from this photo project, I have some difficulty posting consistently online, and so I have not really established many friendships online, but it’s a beautiful idea and I want to work on it more. There are nearly two billion people online – so many potential connections, so many thoughts to share, so many stories to be told – and I have been rather shy in reaching out to them.

It is a little difficult to manage a physical life and a digital one simultaneously. The world is changing, though, and it’s important that I be able to understand it under its new paradigm. Having an active voice online means that I’ll continue writing, too, which is good exercise for me, so I have every reason to keep working at it.

we have to go back, kate

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June 28, 2010 at 4:18 am

Conspirator of the Day #545

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All of my friends seem to be plotting one another’s demise! Ralph is completely oblivious to Ben, who seems primed to stab him in the back. He caught on before too late, though, and made it home safely, to live another day.

Any visit home demands a copious supply of soda, pizza and other junks foods, supplemented with video games and movies, and we honored this tradition to the greatest degree possible. Hopefully I have burnt out my system’s desire for glucose, and for the rest of the week my diet shall be as healthy and green as a deer’s.

Or maybe I’ll just continue to be a hummingbird and buzz about Berkeley, burning sugars until I am lighter than a penny. That seems a fine and dandy way to celebrate the break.

I’m glad to see people again, and unlike my last visit I’m not tied down to any studies. It’s a surprisingly freeing feeling – I’m not sure why it seems so different this time, as I’ve taken breaks many times before, but I’ve a greater sense of ease than I did over Winter break. Last quarter must have been more wearing than I thought; I really enjoyed taking Chemistry and Physics and Calculus, but I was working on them almost constantly, and as a result my mindset was shifted into something much more structured than what I’m used to.

I woke up with Emily this morning, and we lied there for quite some time, quiet and warm; it struck me that we were very low-energy, like ground-state electrons, if you will, and the thought both amused and bothered me at the same time – though it was certainly a lovely, sleepy sort of feeling, regardless of how I described it. Relating life to chemical metaphor is useful, but I wouldn’t like to be restricted to such modes of thinking. Academics have crystallized my mind, while it could afford to be a bit more glassy.

(That’s another chemistry metaphor, by the way)

Next quarter I will be delving into biology, and you can expect me to compare many things to mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum as the cellular universe engulfs my brain.

For the time being, though, I am going to loosen my mind, and enjoy the grass and games and Emily’s small hands, and perhaps see the world for its colors rather than its geometries.

2 is very important

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March 21, 2010 at 3:21 am

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Photo of the Day #182

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So it’s a little bit difficult to photograph people in the dark without turning them into vampires.

Sleepy as we may have been, this was a good day. Several of us went to Leo’s and played games, ate Zachary’s pizza and watched Pulp Fiction (which is a crazy movie). It felt a lot like being back in high school, when we would often all go to Ben’s or Leo’s and fall asleep watching TV. I hadn’t been to Leo’s since last summer, and it was a rare thing even then, but it’s was still surprisingly familiar and natural, and we had a lot of fun.

This morning was beautiful, too.

I need to sleep, so I can get going on my next mornings and evenings.


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March 23, 2009 at 1:43 am

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