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Crew of the Day #2617

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Friends in three phases today:

Nerf in the park with Emily, Anton, Jeff and some of Emily’s newer friends, where I played the role of castle and timekeeper, since I am still slightly too sick to be running around like mad.

Coraline and games with Matt, Barbie, Laurel and Ruth. The movie felt different to watch this time than when I first saw it, which just enforces the fact that I am a different person now. It is still good, and the needly fingers of the Other Mother are just as piercing.

Leftover pie with Alina and Bob, who came by late in the evening after attending a pizza party which may have also been a wake. It wasn’t on the way home for them; they just made an extra effort to come out and say hello to us, and I love them for it.

Things are good. I feel perhaps 98% better. To bed, now, and let’s all have some adventurous dreams tonight.

asbestos and galoshes

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November 22, 2015 at 12:27 am

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Bash of the Day #2596

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Bash of the Day #2596

I first met Laurel three years ago, at one of the bolder Hellaween parties over at the haus. Since then we’ve become much more inclined toward mellow events, and had just three friends over tonight for our tiny Halloween party.

Over the course of any Halloween, people will shed the less comfortable parts of their costume, slowly turning back into themselves. Laurel, who made herself into Marceline the Vampire Queen, abandoned the fang, black hair and sun hat when we migrated to the sofa; Alina was a classical sort of witch, but doffed the black hat when she came in. Ruth experimented with Pippy Longstocking pigtails, but the wire wouldn’t quite stay put. In this shot only Bob is still entirely Someone Else – a shepherd from a time long before sheep.

With a great deal of Laurel’s help I became Wirt, and in order to explain the costume we watched Over the Garden Wall with everyone. The music is still in my head – it’s a good way to end the night.

the loveliest lies of all

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November 1, 2015 at 12:06 am

Fondue of the Day #2574

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Fondue of the Day #2574

Sam recently returned to Berkeley from far-off lands, and it seems he’ll be here for a while as the next chapter of his life builds up. He had some people over tonight, where we met his friends Rachel and Ruth and bonded over fondue and board games. We had a nice time – these are lovely people, and Laurel was excited that she was able to come out and meet them.

Keeping a fondue going is tricky without specialized equipment. Sam had just a makeshift double boiler, and whenever the cheese became too viscous we had to send it back to the stove for a moment. The two pots nearly sealed together, and at one point the steam pressure built up so much that it all burst out in a massive pop – thankfully sparing Sam fram any steam burns.

All this is part of growing up – cobbling things together to make something nice, making potentially dangerous mistakes on the way, talking over good food. Someday we’ll all be experts in our crafts, but the little stumbles on the way there are an important part of the experience.


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October 10, 2015 at 12:38 am

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