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Photo of the Day #2605

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Photo of the Day #2605

There’s not much time to take photos while we’re all on the couch playing video games, so I had to try for a snapshot in that last bit of conversation before Sam went out the door. Getting out my camera removes me from the moment in some ways, so it’s hard to get the right balance.

But it was good to have him over, to watch him endure some of my Mario Maker stages and try out the newest Smash. We’ll see him again sometime soon.


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November 9, 2015 at 11:16 pm

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Pumpkins of the Day #2590

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Pumpkins of the Day #2590

Rachel, Sam and Ruth came by for games tonight, and while they were here we pushed as much Halloween candy onto them as we could. These candy pumpkins are a rarer relative of candy corn, though I think they have a similar flavor and the same waxy texture.

Laurel and I watched an Internet Video of two people eating one of those five-pound gummi bears, and their final decision was that, though it still tasted good, it was just way too intense at that scale. I imagine that a pumpkin-sized candy pumpkin would be much the same – just an impossible mass of corn starch and sugar, and if it didn’t collapse to begin with it would probably cause liver failure or something similarly awful if you dared to take a hearty bite of it. Better for these candies to stay tiny, even if they’re not quite botanically accurate.

We’re starting to get pretty good at hosting friends here, which bodes well for our time in this new home.

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October 25, 2015 at 10:54 pm

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Fondue of the Day #2574

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Fondue of the Day #2574

Sam recently returned to Berkeley from far-off lands, and it seems he’ll be here for a while as the next chapter of his life builds up. He had some people over tonight, where we met his friends Rachel and Ruth and bonded over fondue and board games. We had a nice time – these are lovely people, and Laurel was excited that she was able to come out and meet them.

Keeping a fondue going is tricky without specialized equipment. Sam had just a makeshift double boiler, and whenever the cheese became too viscous we had to send it back to the stove for a moment. The two pots nearly sealed together, and at one point the steam pressure built up so much that it all burst out in a massive pop – thankfully sparing Sam fram any steam burns.

All this is part of growing up – cobbling things together to make something nice, making potentially dangerous mistakes on the way, talking over good food. Someday we’ll all be experts in our crafts, but the little stumbles on the way there are an important part of the experience.


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October 10, 2015 at 12:38 am

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Mark of the Day #1466

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Berkeley continues to grow towards the sky, and today we passed one of its newest buildings, still unpopulated and coated with industrial dust. With its art gallery still empty, passersby have elected to use its garage doors as fleeting canvases, taking a moment to leave their marks before they continue on. Sam brushed away the dust in the shape of peace and love – or something with that sentiment – which perhaps balances out some of the more disgruntled scrawls here.

Sam is also leaving for the east coast on Monday, starting a new job and perhaps a new life in DC. It should be a great adventure for him – though it’s a bit sad to see an old friend go so soon after meeting again. We climbed rocks in the hills, played games and talked about language and perception – a good way to close out his time here.

summer from the four seasons

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September 27, 2012 at 12:37 am

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Climb of the Day #1451

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Sam and I used to eat lunch together in high school almost every day – smoothies and baked goods from Jamba Juice – but when college started we went off and lived our own lives, and haven’t spoken much since then. It was nice to see him again, and strange that after this huge lapse in time, in which both of us must have changed substantially, things conversation came quite easily.

We talked about anime and job hunting and things we had studied, and Sam came to climb at Bridges, where the rock walls were being reshaped – geologic time is much shallower on these plastic boulders.

We tried to get smoothies at Jamba Juice again, for Old Times’ Sake, but the place had closed down. It was a rather striking reminder of the change that everything’s gone through since those lunch breaks so long ago, but I love that people can connect again after so much time apart and continue on so easily.

this nature show that rages every day

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September 12, 2012 at 12:43 am

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