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Blurball of the Day #1357

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Here Socks demonstrates her impeccable ability to vibrate at ultraviolet frequencies, effectively turning her into a blur in the visible light spectrum. Anna has to squint to resolve Socks into a distinguishable ball of hamster, but her eyes are sharp enough to never lose sight completely.

Today has, of course, been a day of work, but it’s gone well.

It’s always nice when Anna brings out Socks for a bit of comfort.

carra mia addio

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June 10, 2012 at 2:25 am

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Hours of the Day #1228

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This one is a little different. February 1st is Hourly Comic Day, and in observation I took a photo and wrote a musing of some sort within every waking hour. Here we go:

Dream of the Hour #1

I had a dream that Sam from high school, and my friend Jacob from elementary school, were in the street in front of my old house. Sam was sitting on an office chair planning to meet a girl downtown for a sort-of date, but was too nervous about it to properly button his shirt or put on the rest of his suit (which was made of felt or really fuzzy wool), so Jacob and I helped. The whole thing was way too loose on him, and the hat, a sort of beret, was enormous.

I haven’t talked to either of them in a long time.

You can always tell when Anna is waking up because she keeps clearing her throat.

Back to bed, then.

I never knew love could be like this

Trinkets of the Hour #2

I was planning on skipping 8 o’clock and sleeping right till 9, but daylight has slipped into my brain and it doesn’t want to leave. I think I will finish the hour reading, and then let the day start.

Because the curtains are always fastened closed I never see the trinkets in the windowsill anymore, but I really like them. The work lens seems intent on manufacturing something.

I hear the wind blow

Shower of the Hour #3

Double-deadlocked plastic baggies let my camera survive this harsh environment – a place where time itself melts away under the intense conditions.

On mornings when I shower immediately after waking, a few dregs of sleep come with me, and the fading bits of dream whisper knowingly about incomprehensible things until they’re washed down the drain.

Today I was lucid, so I tried to figure out how I’d program my Java submarine to shoot torpedoes.

but that’s when all my troubles began

Drink of the Hour #4

A mug of tea greatly improves the studying experience. Warm things feel like a priceless treasure in winter.

Someone else has drunk only half their tea and left the mug abandoned. Its heat grew bored and wandered off, leaving the drink cold and alone.

Even when I study I tend to leave the computer open so I can talk to my friends. It’s maybe not a good habit, but this is often where most of my conversation will come from in a day.

I’ve been draggin’ my feet across my back

Ride of the Hour #5

I always like reading as I ride the bus to school – there’s a nice feeling of efficiency in traveling and learning simultaneously – but I often find my mind wandering as we go. I notice little things about the other riders – stickers or jewelry, countenance or choice of gadget – and I leap to wondering what kind of person they each are.

It’s nice to see riders who immediately seem kind or curious.

the stale taste of recycled air

Couple of the Hour #6

I got a bit engrossed in making this lovely couple dance, and in making the world blush when they met, and almost missed the end of the hour entirely.
No time to reflect now – there’s coding to do.

scene 1: the chase

Forest of the Hour #7

Finally out of the computer lab and, as always, it’s a beautiful day. This is right outside the lab doors, and from your computer inside you can see the trees basking in their natural wonder. One might think they’re taunting the programmers trapped behind glass and concrete, but it does give the mind a proper balance between analog and digital worlds.

I have an hour now to enjoy the air before getting back to class.

I wanted to walk through the empty streets

Tree of the Hour #8

My eyes kept returning to this tree as I ate my lunch, and despite all my efforts I have been unable to capture it faithfully. Unlike the redwoods, this tree is not accustomed to the bustling crowds of forest life, and so grows outward rather than upward. It unrelentingly gives the impression of royalty or sagacity, with its limbs bending and splitting as though it knew the shape of the universe, and it seems very much to be reaching for something in every direction.

The name of this sort of tree escapes me, but I’m sure its roots are closely wired to the core of the Earth. It’s a good place to go when the world is ending.

turtle turtle up

Distance of the Hour #9

I think there might be some kind of amorous sentiment budding between the people who sit in front of me in Programming lecture. I may just be imagining it, but they are all smiles about each other, and though they sit a space apart, the guy on the right is often rests his arm on the empty seat, as if reaching for her.

So perhaps there is something there. Either way, I’m sure they’re good friends.

oh such grace

Cyclopes of the Hour #10

This is supposed to be a diagram to help explain rectangular collision detection in Java, but it looks so much like a pair of square-eyed cyclopes with baffled expressions and pronounced chins. They were just outsmarted by their clever human prey, perhaps, and are watching it run away; in a moment one will start to wonder if the other is edible.

If only I could learn everything by associating it with hilarious faces.

sleep, eat food, have visions

Excursion of the Hour #11

I came back to find Anna and Lauren working at their computers, but within a few minutes we decided to take a walk by the water and catch the sunset before it faded. I’m writing this while we walk – the tide is high now, and the waves are rolling in to my right.

Going for a walk at sunset means you are very soon walking in twilight, and returning home feels like walking back through a different dimension.

We walked away from the sunset, but here there are waves bouncing in huge concentric circles and wrapping around a spire. I’m glad we came this way.

she’s a star

Spire of the Hour #12

This was taken just at the beginning of the hour, but it was a beautiful sight and the rest of the evening is sure to be rather tame, so I had to share it. This is also probably today’s official Photo of the Day.

Anna and Lauren sat at the edge of the earthy cliff by the water, and while they talked I watched the waves melt through several moments. A dog was running on the beach below, skirting the edge of the tide, and just before we left he came up and nudged me on the shoulder.

Sights like this are what make the universe feel immortal.

untitled 9

Hamster of the Hour #13

As the water was starting to boil for spaghetti I suddenly realized that I had to make sure Socks was eating as well, and for a moment I wondered if I’d even fed her recently. With Emily and Jack gone, I’m the only one taking care of her, which I’m not at all used to. I worry a little that I’ll somehow forget to feed her for a week and discover nothing but a dry skeleton when I finally think of her again.

She had plenty of food and water, and she was doing quite well. She didn’t try to eat my finger or anything.

Her tiny weight is a little reassuring, somehow. Something so small is still real.

pac man persists

Couch of the Hour #14

And so we’re settling down into the carnivorous sofa, locked in with our books and homework. So long as we’re all here, no one person will be devoured, and in time we may all escape with our lives.

The couch is too dangerous to rest in alone.

I found out she’s an angel

Couch of the Hour #15

We are all still here, and gradually sinking into our seats.

When we’re born our brains are overwired, with everything connected to everything else. This makes babies intensely synesthetic, hearing colors and smelling sounds, and these extra connections have to be trimmed and culled to make meaningful sense of the world. Axons dissolve away into little bubbles and are eaten by the overseeing glial cells.

The last connections left are of utmost importance.

shared wisdom

Buffalo of the Hour #16

Pearce showed everyone Guy On a Buffalo, and now we are pretty much just giggling and spouting funny-sounding or ridiculous phrases from our books, like “one horseman could skewer two thousand Indians in an hour”. I think I’ve only read one page in the last hour. It’s been a pretty good time.

break your gun on a stump

Glow of the Hour #17

I’ve been staring at screens all day, and my eyes are just about done with it. Time to get ready for bed.

something uplifting and seaworthy

Hours of the Hour #18

Goodness, this is taking a long time. I always forget about the deskwork involved with projects like this.

I thought you were a life-sized paper doll

Vault of the Hour #19

I am completely out of socks, so I am forced to finish the laundry in the depth of night. I think I will trust the machine to do its work well, as it’s past time I seek out rest.

This was an interesting day, and doing these hourly photos forced me to search for points of interest constantly, rather than putting it off until the evening.

It’s a little strenuous trying to capture a shot and reflect on it before the death of each hour, and I’m not sure that I’ll do it again next year, but I’m glad to have laid out an entire day like this. I shall not forget it.

Time to sleep, finally.

time’s a crooked bow

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February 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

Tour of the Day #1205

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As expected, Lauren and Anna took to Socks warmly, breaking into big smiles as the fuzzball rolled about our living room. This was the first time Socks explored the house in her little emerald orb, but this quarter there should be many more such ventures.

It would probably be a bad idea to raise a cat here, but I think Socks’s presence does us some good.

It’s nice to have people back in the house.

close your eyes and you wake up

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January 10, 2012 at 12:15 am

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Chomp of the Day #1178

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Every evening Socks exercises her ever-growing teeth, gnawing at her spring-green bars with a rare sort of diligence. It’s almost given the living room an ambient song, or at least an off-kilter rhythm, and is a nice little reminder that you’re not alone in the house when everyone else is out.

Socks’s owner, Jack (who I have neglected to photograph during his stay), is moving out tomorrow, and will be spending the rest of the school year abroad. He has entrusted his little friend to Emily and me, and we will do our best to give her the utmost care. I’m sure Anna and Lauren will be happy to see their new housemate, as well – Socks will be well loved here.

I love those tiny little paws.

home in skyloft

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December 14, 2011 at 12:49 am

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Nose of the Day #1113

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It’s nice to have a little fluffball living in our home. The sound of Socks’s spinning wheel is an invitation to play, and she will happily run across your palms ad infinitum.

Her head is about the size of Emily’s nose, and her paws can’t reach all the way around Emily’s pinkie. The faint prickles as she holds your hand could break your heart.

what is gathered will disperse

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October 9, 2011 at 10:54 pm

Housemate of the Day #1086

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This is our new housemate, Catherine, who just moved in this evening with her roommate Jack. She was brought in rather stealthily, and I didn’t realize her presence until I later heard the clatter of her wheel from down the hall.

There’s a very distinct sound to hamster wheels, but you don’t realize it until you’ve heard it out of context. It’s amazing that hamsters know so instinctively what to do with the wheels – as if they could be found in nature, as rain-carved coconuts impaled on branches or as the skulls of chewed-out gourds.

It was surprisingly difficult to get a clear shot of her. Even when standing still, hamsters are even more kinetic than kittens. This is the best of twenty pictures, and it’s nothing but a snapshot. Perhaps sunlight will bring better luck.

We haven’t gotten to know Jack very well, yet, but that will change with time, to be sure. He’s had little Catherine for two years, and she seems to get along well with him, so he must be a good person.

scaramouche, scaramouche

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September 13, 2011 at 1:53 am

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