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Ascension of the Day #539

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That’s Pearce in the higher branches, and Trevor following him below. Pearce made it, I think, all the way to the top; Trevor returned to the Earth’s surface not long after I took this picture. It was not for a lack of courage that he quit the climb; rather, the old tree is quite soft, and its higher branches are lined with what may in fact be poison oak, and as Pearce moved upwards he sent pieces of rotten debris tumbling down below him. Trevor declined to climb in such conditions, and rightly so; it would not be well for him to find himself blinded by falling poisons halfway up a decaying tree. Before Trevor descended, I attempted to climb as well, and was promptly showered with dust and bark. It filled my pockets and infiltrated my hair, and soon I had to drop as well, to make way for Trevor and to avoid being killed by falling ivy.

At the time our little adventure seemed something quite natural, as it developed very casually from a walk back from the dining hall. On reflection, though, it really is a remarkable thing that such exploits have become a part of our daily life. Just on the walk back from lunch, not two minutes from our front door, we can disappear into the branches of an old, malevolent-looking tree, putting ourselves at a very real risk of life – a small risk, of which we are entirely in control, but a risk nonetheless – and move on immediately after, as if nothing had ever happened.

We are not becoming jaded – we’ve just grown comfortable with the forest. Given a few moments, we can leap into it wholeheartedly, then turn back to the duties the world demands of us.

Hours later, Rob, Trevor, Alex and I went to study at Café Revolución. I bought hot chocolate, a cookie and a muffin for 75 cents, and we talked about quantum physics and the many worlds theory, which blew Rob and Alex away.

This place is beautiful.

anthurium lacrimae decays underneath the canopies

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March 15, 2010 at 3:16 am

Shenanigans of the Day #538

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I don’t mean to burden you with such a long video – by all means, if you grow tired of my roommates’ tomfoolery, feel free to attend to other things. I could not bear to curtail the video and lose any of these precious moments, and Trevor was quite insistent that I preserve every one of them.

This is Trevor, Pearce and Devin after about twenty minutes of walking through blackness, beneath a sky thinly lit by stars and above a forest path soft and swollen by rainwater. We suggested to each other stories of forest killers as we walked, and by the time we reached the water tanks a subtle sense of paranoia had descended upon us. As you can see, this did not hinder our hijinks in the slightest.

It was much darker along the forest path tonight than last we went night-hiking; with no moon, and no clouds to reflect the glow of the city, we were very nearly blind, and without flashlights we could all have sunk into the mud, never to be seen again. The only light during this video was provided by my flashing camera, which afforded my roommates only intermittent glimpses of each other’s attacks.

I am a little sad that I was busy with the camera; I might have liked to engage in a bit of strobe-lit swordplay.

We all have quite a bit of studying to do, but nights like this, when we are free to act a foolish as we like, are of utmost importance. Tomorrow will be a proper workday, and soon after can come a wonderful week of play.

can you sing with all the voices of the mountain

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March 14, 2010 at 4:05 am

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Umbrella of the Day #536

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This is, I am told, Trevor’s very first encounter with a push-button umbrella. We were both sitting in the living room, idly wading through the internet, when I noticed the rather gallant-looking umbrella resting against the loveseat. Trevor picked it up, fiddled with it and, with a pop, the umbrella opened its black wings, ready to stand boldly against any downpour which threatened us. Trevor was delighted – he had never seen, or at least never wielded, an umbrella that opened itself like that.

This is something which I find hard to imagine, as I’ve played with umbrella buttons since elementary school. There is a very daring sensation associated with opening an umbrella that way, casting it forward like a shield and watching it pop out, as if to push back the waves of ghouls and ogres closing in on you.

I think I’ve broken several umbrellas by playing with them like this, and for that I am very sorry.

My current umbrella is stamped with a banana slug emblem, has clear windows for when it rains sideways, and is large enough to shelter three or four people. There is no use in having an umbrella that can’t protect your friends – you’d be better off with a good coat and hood. I carry the umbrella with pride, resting it on my shoulder like a Redcoat with his bayonet, and every so often I give it a spin to see tiny raindrops fly off tangent to the wingtips. It’s a good umbrella, but I find myself a bit enamored with this one’s rather chivalrous personality, so perhaps I will get one like it when the time comes.

but God bless the child that’s got his own

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March 12, 2010 at 3:05 am

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Sky of the Day #533

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I ran into Alex and her friend Vic in the dining hall today, and listened silently for most of the meal while they discussed politics and gender issues. While these things are interesting to me, I find I have very little to contribute to them in conversation. I was worried Vic might find my muteness off-putting, so when the conversation shifted to multiple personalities and split-brain patients I was rather relieved to finally have something to say.

Alex and I walked about for a bit after lunch, and the clouds were moving so swiftly we could see their shadows race across the East Field – big, ominous creatures that engulfed their prey in an instant, then threw them back into sharp sunlight the next moment. Days with weather like this are very rare, and whenever they do occur I am tempted to flee the oncoming shadows as, as if the ground were collapsing behind me.

In this photo Alex is returning from an attempt to find the squirrels, who had just whiffled through the grass in great numbers a few seconds prior. A shimmering black crow had actually chased one of the squirrels into the brush, and Alex and I wondered about it for some time – crows, as far as I know, are more inclined toward scavenging than hunting, and I imagine a squirrel would be too large for what is not really considered a bird of prey. We decided that the squirrels must have insulted the crow, or thwacked it in the back of its head with an acorn, and the black bird had subsequently sought revenge.

Of all the swift-clouded days I have seen, though, this one was the most peculiar – it rained intermittently throughout the morning, and as I arrived home at the end of the day it suddenly started to hail. It wasn’t even particularly cold; there must have been some frostbitten cloud a mile above us, and as it shivered little shards of it broke off. Note that the sun is still shining bright here; our sky was a brilliant combination of antipodes the likes of which I have never experienced before, and which I may never see again. What a spectacle, to see Trevor holding catching hail with hands soaked in sunlight! What a fickle day we had, with so many different flavors of clouds!

I do hope I can enjoy another weather-medley someday.

cry of the chasmal critter chain

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March 9, 2010 at 2:00 am

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Catch of the Day #532

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I missed an opportunity to play frisbee yesterday, so today Brian was quite assertive in his invitation to play today. After some two hours of filibustering, he managed to get us to leave, and Trevor came along with us. I wore Trevor’s jump shoes, and very elegantly stumbled the whole way there – and then Trevor took his turn with them. Though you can’t see them, he’s wearing them in this photo. The only evidence, I suppose, is that his head is above my eye level, while he’s normally almost a foot shorter than me.

There are few sports, I think, that are as conducive to laughter as frisbee, especially on a windy day with unskilled players. We managed to play reasonably for a short time, tossing the disc in a triangle that grew whenever we missed a catch, and shrank whenever the frisbee fell short. Before long, though, the game was reduced to trick throws – attempts to cast the disc into the wind, hoping it would turn back and fly in the proper direction, or to roll the disc to the desired target. Brian threw the frisbee and instead of flying to me or to Trevor, it gravitated to our center of mass – that is to say, precisely between us. Had we been a single person, there would have been no problem, so of course Brian’s throw was without flaw.

Seeing Trevor attempt to throw with his left hand, sending the frisbee straight to the grass in front of him, made it quite impossible for me to stand, and I quickly buckled over backwards laughing.

We wrapped up the mood by taking turns playing Megaman 9, which offered us each sufficient opportunity to embarrass ourselves with the most inelegant deaths possible. If some initial event is funny enough, I think, it leaves a sort of humor residue on the mind, and for some time thereafter anything slightly amusing can send you into another fit of laughter.

At Café Revolución, Alex was likewise wrapped in laughter at the strange band name which had somehow found its way onto all of Rob’s CDs – something like “Fatty don’t be happy”… the name eludes me now.

But I love to see people laughing, and when it’s infected them so much they are completely silenced by laughter, I am incited to laugh as well, even with no context.

We should laugh more! Why don’t we?

the galaxy is at peace

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March 8, 2010 at 3:06 am

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Specter of the Day #528

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This is a little bit of an experiment, and with a little more time, a more controlled environment and some practice we might come up with something better. For the time being, I’ve managed to reduce Trevor to an ethereal state; in this form he is completely malleable, and with my hands I can shift him into a medley of shapes and blurs. The process is difficult, and rather unpleasant for the subject; by the end Trevor suffered an acute burning sensation, and was losing vision in one eye. It goes without saying that he was not willing to pursue the experiment any further – not without time to recuperate, and to learn to control certain variables with greater dexterity.

Light and glass have some remarkable properties, and I will be sure to investigate them properly in the future.

For the time being, I must thank Trevor and Sal for their patience and cooperation; without their help I would not be able to accomplish even this.

It’s rather late now, and the other half of our apartment has gone to sleep. We are usually the ones who retire early, so it’s strange to have the living room to ourselves at this time. And Sal and Trevor are trying to order pizza, even now!

I will either fade away or fall into a book now. New discoveries will be made soon, I hope! Goodnight~

we get paid to rattle our chains

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March 4, 2010 at 2:19 am

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Escapade of the Day #517

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That’s Emily and Pearce in the photo, burying their feet in the silvery sands of Natural Bridges, waiting for the frothing waves to rush in and wash their ankles away. The last time I went to the beach – which happened to be both Pearce’s and Emily’s birthday – the sky was rich and golden, so it was a shock, almost, to see it immersed in pale blues and liquid whites, with such defined shadows. In the video is Trevor, attempting for the first time to descend the Cardiac Stairs on his hands. Such an impressive performance suggests he might be able to make it all the way with a little practice; a little bit more might afford him the ability to ascend the whole flight.

The four of us went venturing today, and the fact that we were so entertained just by the stairs was certainly a good omen. We chased the waves at Natural Bridges, and were chased back in turn – Trevor inadvertently cartwheeled into the oncoming tides, and fled clinging to his the cuffs of his shorts. Edging around the waves, we found a rock upon which sea mosses were growing, laid in the stone like rivers frozen in mid-flow; the foaming waves rolled by beneath them, and it felt like we were standing above the clouds, watching them swirl away. They caught wise to us eventually, though, and gathering their strength, they engulfed Emily and me in a sudden burst of aquatic Nimbus fury. We escaped unharmed, but much wetter than we’d bargained for.

Trevor found a fairy stone and tried to unearth Atlantis from the softer sand, but it remained thoroughly buried. We would likely need a few more hands if we were to make any headway.

As we left the beach, Pearce and Trevor challenged one another to flips and leaps across the dunes. Pearce is not quite as acrobatic as Trevor, but he makes up for it in sheer enthusiasm, and one of his fumbles and sandy crashes is just as impressive as Trevor’s kinetic artwork.

Dinner at Saturn’s – the third planet I’ve eaten at – was delicious, but Emily and I ate far too much, and were weighed down by burger and milkshake for the next hour or so.

It was a beautiful day, and I’m glad that Emily gets along so well with my roommates. We’ve one more day before she has to leave – I will make it a good one.–>

you were there with me

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February 21, 2010 at 1:22 am

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